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Transition Partnerships

A firm specializing in business partnerships where top quintile performance is a criterion for future success – connecting and assisting like minded professionals.

Our goal is the help you launch your career, not find a job. This simple statement is much more than semantics; rather it is the fundamental question anyone debating a transition must answer first, with complete honesty and candor. It is a tall order, but success stems from a strong foundation and preparation.

The Transition Engagement Program is built around the concept of a tailored series of focused one on one sessions covering various aspects of the transition journey. Each session builds upon those that have gone before, while providing a launch point for individual work outside of the one on one sessions and for meetings going forward. The specific topics and flow are drawn from each client’s specific goals and needs – you drive the process rather than the process driving you.

We will provide an unbiased resource and partner who is committed to working with you to meet your goals, an alternative to the recruiter-candidate relationship in which the focus lies in finding an opportunity which the candidate will accept. Though there is a place for the recruiter relationship, it is our core belief and business focus that there is a greater need to provide those in transition, or debating a transition, a professional partner to help resolve the myriad of issues that are inherent in such a journey.

Translating and sifting through the wealth of information is just one piece of our shared partnership. In addition, we are committed to helping you find the answers to the questions that are specific to you and your situation. Examples of areas that are often targeted include resume preparation, “translating military and life experience”, business environment specifics, geographic questions, interview preparation, the overall interview process, and offer negotiations and acceptance.

Leveraging our experiences in business, recruiting, as former military officers, as well as our network of business professionals throughout the country, we are uniquely positioned to provide transition assistance and coaching for the military officer.