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Leaders Military Transition Assistance

r16 We are committed to placing the finest individuals in exciting careers with companies leading their respective industries. We look for the proven, degreed leader who can apply his or her skills in fulfilling our client company's most challenging needs.

Our caring, quality approach focuses on the whole person. Our clients, you and the corporations, have specific needs to be met and our method brings you together with the best match. 

Here are some of the highlights of the service we will provide at no cost to you:
  • Guidelines for producing an effective resume (Resume Preparation).
  • Extensive, interactive Interview Preparation.         
  • One-on-one counseling & role-playing.
  • Career opportunities information and training.
  • Realistic compensation & benefit package orientations.
  • Company background & culture briefings.
  • Interviews for exciting career opportunities.
  • r17We want to ensure you walk into every interview prepared to win!