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Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading List
Although experts on military issues, junior military officers are generally less informed about trends in business. Treat your pending business career with the same passion as your military service. Read about the environment that will become a significant part of your life.
There are numerous national publications that are exceptional business sources. Magazines and newspaper such as Forbes, Fortune, Business Week and The Wall Street Journal are up-to-date on the latest business strategies and topics. Reading regional newspapers can keep you current with local business close to home.
In addition to the recommended reading list below, LEADERS has found the Interviewing Handbook for Military Leaders the single most effective source for preparing to transition into the business sector. Please visit the publisher's Web site at for more information and ordering details. (LEADERS is in no way financially connected to this fine book.)
Remember, you must critically read all of the available information. Compare what you read to your past experiences and evaluate its applicability to you. Most resources are based less on fact and more on opinion. Make a conscious decision to accept or reject that opinion.