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Military Candidate Strengths

r4Candidate Strengths

  • Proven leadership, performance, and academic excellence, as exhibited by performance reports and transcripts
  • A strong desire to serve and a proactive approach to problem-solving exhibited through interactions with staff and performance reports
  • Maturity and strong interpersonal skills, which we determine through extensive interviewing sessions - We know each candidate personally.
  • Proven, tested performance with a documented record of accomplishment
  • Prescreened by our staff: The candidates' values, character and interpersonal skills must pass rigorous evaluation before they earn acceptance into our program
  • Success-oriented "doers" with degrees from America's finest universities and service academies

These are qualities that you can expect from a Junior Military Officer:

  • Exceptional maturity and proven leadership skills
  • Ability to do more with less
  • Strong team orientation and team-building skills
  • Adaptable, flexible and marketable
  • Highly skilled and with a quicker learning curve
  • Loyal and stable

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